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My Term Plan is online insurance driven by passion to make it easy for our customers to find and compare term life insurance rates online from the best life insurance companies. While I worked for AcquireCrowd, I worked with the My Term Plan brand quite a lot. I can not take credit for the logo or branding itself but I did have projects that added to the success of the brand. Projects like ads, animations, and social media posts. 

Target Audience

For My  Term Plan, the target audience was mainly people in their 30s and 40s with modest spending ability that were in need of various health insurance plans. The main platforms we would advertise on were LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 


Social Media

Here are a couple examples of the social media posts that I made for My Term Plan. First two examples are carousels and the next two are more simple graphic posts. 

Copy of Pastel Colors Modern Quotes Instagram Post.png
MTP_Monday Motivation_12-14-02.png
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