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Birkness Media is a start up production company hired me to design a logo. I worked closely with the founder of the company that was looking for a two letter mark that conveyed his passion for the outdoors.


In the sketches I tried to explore lenses other types of iconography that a production company could use, but in the end we were set on using the two letter mark. My client wanted a mark that had implied movement. His request was something that appeared to be handwritten

66933953084__569F663A-F4BB-4391-8532-03792D6156AE Large.jpeg

Early Stages

My client found one of the sketches for the "BM" word mark perfect for what he wanted. The slight italic design with the altered "m" gave the proper sense of movement that he was looking for. I went through the process of trying the trace the sketch in Illustrator to created a custom font, however I ended up finding a font that could be modified to have a similar if not better look. I do believe it was necessary because there were issues of proportions and balance with my sketch. 



Once the type was figured out the next thing to do was dial in the elements of the logo. A lot of the videos that Birkness Media has produced are outdoor action sports or lifestyle ad's. So bringing in the mountain range and the sun show the type of content the company is known for. 


Final Logo

The final logo has is bold, fun and indicative of motion. Perfect for acquiring clients that participate in action sports like snowboarding, skating, surfing etc. or a lifestyle brand that is looking for their products to be shown being used in the real world settings.  



My client was interested in doing a process video of sorts for the creation of the logo. In return I did the gif to be used at the end. Shown is the process of me taking the original sketch that I provided and tracing it on the iPad using the Procreate application. Not shown is the process of me using illustrator to build the vector files shown earlier. Then to animate the logo I had all the elements separated on illustrator into different layers. That way when I opened the file in After Effects I could animate each component independently. 

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