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First Chapter Plan



First Chapter Plan was another channel for for industry from AquireCrowd. The aim was to attract younger crowds that were just getting their first personal insurance plan. The task given to me was to create a logo that was modern and worked with the medical cross and "chapter". The logos direction changed and became the tri-colored shield.

Target Audience

The target audience for First Chapter Plan were young adults that were entering into the insurance market for the first time. Usually working with a fixed income, and new to picking a plan, First Chapter Plan helps guid the customer through the process and help make the decision that best suits their needs. 


For the sketch process, I would create as many lock ups as I could come up with and try to preset a wide selection of options. Then once a direction was decided on, I would repeat the process with a more narrow focus on a particular concept. 


Logo Delivery 

For the final logo my creative director chose the shield and cross combination, and wanted a simple modern design that would be easily readable and across different platforms



Here is an animation I made for the First Chapter Plan brand. It was made to be a sign off for any videos or ads that were made for the brand. Here I am demonstrating the different color backgrounds and different sizes.

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