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Pixie is a beauty and accessory company that's main product is tooth gems. An increasingly popular fashion trend of using dental glue to adhere rhinestones or gems onto ones teeth. The client reached out to me and wanted a logo and a word mark that captured their vision.  Which was to create an emotion of feminine empowerment. Our goal for the brand was a combination of grit and glam. 

Target Audience

The client needed to capture the eyes of young (18-25) people interested in unconventional beauty accessories. People that take pride in their appearance and invest considerable time and money on make up and jewelry. 


Untitled_Artwork 21.jpg

My client specifically wanted to use a women's mouth with a snarling lip. So I illustrated one on the iPad using Procreate. I thought it was a good move to balance the antagonism of the icon with a friendly font. A rounded script with a pastel color palette would do well to soften up the brands appearance 

Final Outcome 

Below is the final delivery for the brands logo, word mark, color palette, and various icons. This was a very simple and basic brand guide. The lips icon uses bold line weight to create impact, as well as using halftones to give it dimension. The colors are evocative of lemonade, a perfect flavor for the brand, sour and sweet. The word mark is very balanced and stands great on its own. There are two other icons included that can be used to enhance the brands image. First on is a gem, that resembles the type of gems and rhinestones that people use for tooth gems. The second are sparkle/star icons to reenforce the glamour aspect 

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