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Target Audience


Ripple is a music streaming app that is focused on usability and simple navigation. The sophisticated design is streamlined and uncomplicated to help the user get to listening to the music of their choice as quick as possible. There is also a social element, the user can share their favorite songs, artist, or playlist with friends directly to other uses through the app. This is where the app gets its name, ripple. The sharing feature in theory creates the ripple effect.  

For this app the target audience was early 20's to late 30's with a social and active lifestyle. This group would have an interest in the aesthetics of design and an appreciation for intuitive applications. With an active lifestyle the user has little time to navigate through the app the find what they want. This group wants its content quickly and efficiently. 

Design System

This logo mark resembles the ripples in water but also the sound waves of sound and music. 

RippleiPhoneMock copy.png

R- 59

G- 75

B- 89

R- 252


B- 108

The primary color was chosen because I wanted a calming experience for the user. The accent or secondary color is used to provoke energy when needed and guide the user to what is active as well as promote actions in the app. 

The font system for this app includes three different fonts. Two of which are from the same family. The three fonts are the following.

Lust Display

Avenir Heavy

Avenir Medium


This flow is the process of going from the home page to searching for an song, then viewing the album from your search.


This flow is the process of going from the home page to the profile page, then from there accessing the settings and logging out. 



This project was a lot of fun and was a great learning experience. Using popular music apps as a case study then developing it from the ground up showed me how important it is to always consider the user. I appreciated all the feedback of the test users and really tried to hit all the points for each individuals experience. 

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