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Lacrosse The Bay is a non-profit foundation that provides the opportunity for youths between the ages of 8-14 in the Bay Area to play lacrosse. As they put it, "We make lacrosse inclusive & accessible so everyone can play & be healthy." They currently have two teams set up that I have worked with.   


The goal was to create a family friendly badge that reflected that used local marine life for mascots. For the LTB mascot we chose to go with the octopus because each tentacle represents each different team through out the area and how they're all connected. The hurdles I had to overcome in the process were how to make the badges be family friendly or in other words, not be intimidating to children that want to participate. While also keeping the element of competition. 


Early editions of the logo were too aggresive and needed to be softened up for the younger audience. We wanted to have it grab the attention of children and appear fun and not be off putting to them or their parents. 

LTB 3.jpg
LTB 2.jpg

Logo Delivery 

We solved the issues of the expression on the octopus icon and chose two bright, fun and gender neutral colors. These colors reflected the ocean and sun, paying homage to the environment of the bay. Using bright neon colors ways are also a trend lacrosse teams to use for their uniforms and team colors.


C- 0%

M- 35%

Y- 87%

K- 0%


C- 78%

M- 9%

Y- 46%

K- 0%

R- 251

G- 176

B- 60

R- 0

G- 169

B- 157

Font - Futura Extra Bold Oblique


Word Mark

I also produced a couple different word marks that were to be used when the foundation needed a more simple and legible mark. I made a three letter mark, and two full word marks that all are in the LTB's colors. Each word mark also has a traditional lacrosse stick incorporated into the design. 

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